Visit the world of birds with tandem paragliding. Experienced paragliding instructor will help you touch the sky above beautiful alpine valleys. Hawk-eye views over all the surrounding mountains will guarantee an amazing experience. You can start at Klemensek Farm and fly above Logarska valley national park, or you can start on popular Golte hill above Mozirje, where you will share the sky with other paragliding freaks.

Tandem paragliding abouve Logarska Valley

We will take you to the Klemensek Farm where you will find perfect start place high above valley. Experienced paraglider instrucutror will take you in the air and you fly with you above the Logarska Valley and around. This is the perfect adventure for those who would like to experience the breath-taking nature from the different perspective.

  • Period: all year
  • Meeting point: Parking space before Kristusa Kralja Chappel (​46°25’05.6″N 14°38’26.3″E)​
  • Start: Tourist Farm Klemenšek (​46°25’26.8″N 14°38’08.2″E)​
  • Duration: 10-15 min, depend from air conditions
  • Equipment: you need warm clothing, all other will be provided by us /li>
  • Price: 90 EUR per person

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Tandem paragliding at Golte

Golte is a well-known ski resort above Mozirje. Its geographical position and a form of a pyramid make it a very popular place for paragliding activities. For all enthusiasts who would like to experience the nature from a bird’s perspective.

Golte Medvedjak

  • Meeting point: Parking in front of guest house Zmajeva votlina (Rečica ob Savinji 15, 3332 Rečica ob Savinji) (​46°18’57.0″N 14°54’52.6″E)​
  • Takeoff:  Medvedjak (​46°21’59.0″N 14°53’19.8″E)​
  • Duration: Tandem paragliding: ​20-30 min
  • height difference: ​1100m
  • Photos of the flight (in e-form on e- mail)
  • insurance of a passenger
  • 130€
    *video of the whole flight on SD card 20€ *

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