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Canyoning, Kayak, Rafting, Hiking, Mountain biking, Climbing and more…

Canyoning Globosak, Slovenia

The Wild Canyon Globošak

Canyon is situated right in front of the Logarska Valley. Exciting rope descents with some short and long jumps takes you to starting point.

Canyoning Cuc, Slovenia

Canyoning in Cuc Waterfall


200-meter-high canyon consists of a series of short vertical jumps. Pure pleasure in 2 hours of attractive descents and breathing with nature!

Kayak on Savinja


Experience 10 km long kayak ride on Savinja streams combined with wild rapids and take a swim in Savinja pool.

Rafting on Savinja River

Rafting Savinja


Go rafting together with your family or friends. You can choose rafting distance and river difficulty according to your preference.

Hiking in Kamnik-Savinja Alps, Slovenia

The Shepherd’s Route


Shepherd’s routes take you to five mountain pastures (meadows) on the Dleskovska Plateau. Perfect for family trip.

Hiking Raduha Mt., Kamink-Savinja Alps

The Raduha Mountain


Shorter shepherd’s route to 3 mountain pastures. Passing Snow Cave to first Arta mountain pasture, than 1h walk to Loka...

Climbing Garden in Logar Valley

Climbing garden in the Logar Valley


On entry to Logarska Valley you can find perfect place for organized rock climbing. Nature created up to 20-meter-high walls, where rock climbing routes are […]

Hiking Rogatec Mt.


The Rogatec Mountain (1550 m) is situated above the Podvolovljek Valley near Luce. For experienced hikers who are not afraid of rocky terrain.

Trekking in Kamnik Savinja Alps

Crossing Kamnik-Savinja Alps

From Logar Valley to the Rinka Waterfall and the Okreselj, passing the Turski Zleb, Turska Gora peak, Mt. Brana peak...

Mountain Rock Climbing

Rock climbing in real mountains and never made final push? Mountain Rock climbing is appropriate for experienced mountaineers or hikers who are used to rocks and difficult mountain trails (ferrate).

Mountain biking Peca

Peca Underground

Experience unique mountainbike adventure in a centuries-old mine. Experienced guides will equip you with headlamps and take you to the entrance of the mine.

MTB panoramic tour

Panoramic Bike Tour


Panorama tour is known for its breath-taking views, scenic mountain tops of Kamnik-Savinja Alps, alpine meadows and lonesome trditional tourist farms. The whole-day panoramic tour […]

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You can reach us from different directions and of course in many ways. If arriving by car, the easiest way leads from the A1 motorway exit in Sentrupert, passing Mozirje and Ljubno. The shortest way from Ljubljana goes through the mountain pass called Volovjek and then further crossing a beautiful valley called Podvolovjek. The whole road is paved and more than suitable for interesting and easy panoramic ride. You can reach us also from Austrian town Velikovec or Vollkermarkt. A picturesque mountain road through mountain pass called Pavličevo sedlo will first take you to the entrance of the Logarska Valley, one of the most beautiful valleys in Slovenia. Bicycle fans can take all routes mentioned above, except motorway of course! If you are in love in mountain biking, you will be delighted in network of forest roads and trails, which are winding up and down the slopes of the valley and provide access from almost any direction. Hikers can come to our beautiful valley from different directions, walking along the mountain paths for one day or more. For example, you can start your hiking adventure on mountain Velika planina, cross the ridge Kranjske rebri, mountain Rogatec and mountain Lepenatka and in one or more days you will arrive to Luce. You will not forget this way for sure! We will like you to come to us on the most nature-friendly way, which is certainly by bicycle or on foot. But in any case you are mostly welcome in our valley!
High rock walls, wild canyons and beautiful alpine river Savinja are perfect for: canyoning, kayaking, hiking, climbing, biking and other activities outdoor activities. Young, motivated team of experienced guides, proud of pristine nature of Savinja Valley want to guide you to hidden places, wild canyons, the unforgettable hikes and other places.
Individuals, groups and families who love sports and spending holidays in green nature. Pure pleasure in the variety of sports activities, natural attractions and traditional culinary specialties.
Friendly and professional team offers secure, high quality services for a reasonable price. With variety of sports activities always fresh and unique programmes we can meet our guests desires.
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