Project Description

Beginner’s kayak course
Licenced kayak instructor will introduce you to the basics of safe paddling in calm waters. You will get to know the paddling equipment, on-water safety, how to enter the kayak and hold the paddles properly. You will learn basic paddle movements to navigate your kayak. On the last day of the course, you can put your knowledge to the test during a pleasant trip on the river Savinja. Beginner’s kayak course can be completed in three days.

Advanced kayak course
Is meant for advanced learners who are trying to improve and expand their knowledge. You learn more demanding paddling techniques, sliding of the kayak, precise entry into the current and counter-current, and tilting the kayak. With this skills you will be able to use the current of the river to your advantage more smoothly and effectively. Paddling will become easier, so you will be able to handle more demanding conditions.

Individual kayak course
Individual kayak courses are adapted to your wishes, time and prior knowledge. During the course, your instructor can teach you the paddling basics, help improve or refresh your knowledge and more….
You need your own: swimming suit, a t-shirt and a towel.

KAYAK SCHOOL  – PRICES Price per person Duration
3-days Beginner’s kayak course: from 3 do 6 persons 150 EUR 2h/day
5-days Beginner’s kayak course: from 3 do 6 persons 240 EUR 2h/day
3-days Advanced kayak course: from 3 do 6 persons 150 EUR 2h/day
5-days Advanced kayak course: from 3 do 6 persons 240 EUR 2h/day
Individual kayak course: 1 person 35 EUR/h by agreement