Project Description

Mt.Peca is the most eastern peak in Karavanke mountain range. Its wide slope is composed of several mountain peaks, which, in snowy-rich winter-time, are very near to perfect for freeride and ski touring. Skiing in Mt.Peca is based on various terrain types, so it can include elements of freeride and of ski touring. There are at least 10 main skiing routes (gorges, ravine, …), all in different skill levels. Route named Lijak, which descents from the very top of the mountain, is estimated to be the most difficult one. Its grade is IV (out of V), first part of entering this route is around 45º steep. On the other part of Mt.Peca we can ski medium level, short sections from the top, with the steepnes of around 35º. Skiing descents from Peca lead to different valleys (national park Topla, village Črna na Koroškem, town Mežica and to Austrian side..down to Petzen ski lift. If you prefer saving time and energy, we can use shortcut, by using gondola and ski lift in Petzen ski center. Gondola takes us to around 1800 m high plato, from where we can use another ski lift to around 1900 m. From there an easy hike to Mt.Peca top, lasts around 1-2 hours. This shortcut is very useful, if we start our ski hike late or if we want to do more than one ski descent from the mountain. By the right choice of skiing routes we can ski down to the start of the gondola and repeat the process. This way we can make 2 or maybe even 3 ski hikes and descents from the mountain down to the valley.


  • Season: November – April (depending on snow conditions)
  • AMedium and very difficult ski mountaineering route
  • Duration: 3 – 4 hours
  • Nr. of persons: 1 – 6 people
  • Equipment: Full ski mountaineering equipment, which you can rent from us.
 Nr. of person 1 2 3 4 5 6
1 Price per person 127 83  72 60 55 50
2 Price per person 198 121 99 88 77 66
3 Price per person 248 149 121 99 88 70

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